Frozen Stiff

© Louis Felder

(Comedy/Drama, a full-length play)
A narcissistic rich man, cryogenically frozen forty years ago, is revived and is still 35 when he returns and wants his money.

Seven characters, several sets, present day

Otis Mayhew, 75, an attorney.
Charles Grayson, 55, a wealthy man, withdrawn.
Garret Grayson, 35, his son, narcissistic, loud, aggressive, dangerous.
Dexter Grayson, 30s, son of Charles Grayson, into sports, computers, immature.
Cynthia Grayson, 30s, wife of Dexter, flirty.
Florence Grayson Bain, 30s, daughter of Charles Grayson.
Sonia Makovna, 40s, attractive, Russian, a journalist.


The quiet life of a wealthy man of 55 is shattered by the surprise return of his father Ð a charming narcissist who had been cryogenically frozen forty years ago and is still 35 and wants his money.

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