Latest Work

Cover Story
(Drama, a one-act play)
A drama of espionage during the cold war.

Senior Class
(comedy, a one-act play)
Two older men meet for lunch to decide their grandson’s college; one opts for Stanford and the other for Santa Clara.

(Drama, a one-act play and a screenplay)
A psychotherapist is confronted by a patient — a physicist who is bipolar, brilliant, and dangerous. Three-four characters, present day, two main locations.

Frozen Stiff
(Comedy/Drama, a full-length play and a screenplay)
A narcissistic rich man, cryogenically frozen forty years ago, is revived and is still 35 when he returns and wants his money. Seven characters, several sets, present day.

(Caper/Comedy, a screenplay)
A “beat generation” poet finds himself involved in noir criminal adventures in 1959.