Cover Story

© Louis Felder

(Drama, a one-act play)
A drama of espionage during the cold war.

One set, five characters, 1956, an office at Counter Intelligence Corps headquarters, Stuttgart, Germany

Pvt. Donald Archer: 22. Intelligent, from Berkeley, CA.
PFC Sam Dix: 22. Street smart, , from New Jersey.
Major Frederick Beaumont: 50s. Intelligent, from Mississippi.
Captain Edward Richmond: 40s. Intelligent, cultured, from Connecticut.
Greta: 30s. Translator, slight German accent, attractive.
(A putzfrau, barely seen, one line, can be doubled.)


In 1956, during the Cold War, a young soldier is assigned to the counter-espionage section of the CIC in Germany where a report is received that a Soviet spy is trying to attain the NATO response should Russia invade Hungary. But someone inside the headquarters may be aiding the Soviet spy.

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