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Full-Length Plays

Frozen Stiff

A narcissistic rich man, cryogenically frozen forty years ago, is revived and is still 35 when he returns and wants his money.


Post 9/11, a religious terrorist confronts a newspaper editor who must choose between the public’s right to safety or freedom of the press.

Far from the Tree

A sixteen year old boy moves in with his father and one of them will be homeless.

The Jolly Roger

A young Public Defender, his girl friend, and his best friend are in peril from a rogue cop.

Taking Issue

A young assistant DA must prosecute an embryologist, and a Grand Jury must decide when life begins, which impacts the abortion issue.

Cold Feet

Three woman of various ages believe they’ve each murdered a despicable old man, but he’s alive and wants revenge.

Hot Set

A writer wants to star in his own life script but his supporting players want to be stars too.

People’s Choice

A woman banker learns about politics from some dishonest old pros.