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Frozen Stiff

A narcissistic rich man, cryogenically frozen forty years ago, is revived and is still 35 when he returns and wants his money.


A psychotherapist must contain a student who plans a murderous rampage, but when psychological efforts fail, she is forced to make a bold decision.

The Saxon Curse

A scenic film artist uses his talent to arrange the “accidental” deaths of his odious siblings to become the sole beneficiary of the billion-dollar Saxon Oil Trust. As in “Catch Me If You Can” and “Kind Hearts and Coronets,” the ingenious hero is sympathetic and comedic, but in the end is convicted of a murder he didn’t intend.

Reach for the Sun

An African-American high-school genius invents a solar/voltaic cell so powerful it could replace oil, coal and natural gas as the world’s energy source. Frantic forces want to exploit it, others to destroy it. But the kid forgot how he made it so he’s got the only one! Gangs, cops, FBI, CIA, and agents from North Korea are all after the ultimate American Inventor.

Trading Partners

A wealthy woman hires a sexy girl to seduce her husband, leaving her free to marry a younger man, but the girl discovers that the husband is moral and won’t be seduced. He also is a venture capitalist, and the girl would like to open a boutique. He is also in danger if she doesn’t succeed.


A “beat generation” poet finds himself involved in noir criminal adventures in 1959.