Flight of Fancy

© Louis Felder

(Romance, a one-act play)
A young woman in marketing meets an experienced salesman at an airport cocktail lounge.

Two actors, one set, present day

Joe, about 55, an experienced salesman on the road.
Tracey, about 25, a pretty Marketing MBA on her first business trip.


A romance. At the Portland airport bar, Tracey (25), a pretty MBA in marketing waits for her flight next to Joe (55), a salesman. Tracey has lost a big customer on the first call of her career and doesn’t look forward to flying home a loser. The customer wanted sex with Tracey, and she can still make the sale if she gives in. Joe doesn’t look forward to another week on the road or flying back to an unhappy home. Then they hear the flight announcement of a tour now boarding for service to: Hawaii, Bora Bora, Fiji, Samoa. They both gaze off and dream. If only . . .

Script available from the publisher.

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