For Richer, For Poorer

© Louis Felder

(Drama, a one-act play)
A woman applies for a home loan to get money for her wedding, but the man she plans to marry may have other plans for the money.

Three characters, one set, present time

Eddie, 30s, a real estate loan broker.
Elaine, 30s, plain, slightly overweight, without style, country accent.
Jimmy Lee, 30s, Slick, manipulating, good-looking, sexy, county accent.


Eddie is a real estate loan broker in a down-scale mini-mall. Elaine and her mother are planning Elaine’s elaborate wedding and applied for a second mortgage on their home. Elaine is so much in love and so eager to marry Jimmy Lee, she doesn’t see or doesn’t want to see the kind of man she’s about to marry — a slick manipulating charmer. Jimmy Lee tries to bribe Eddie with the promise of a new car if Eddie will transfer the money to him personally. Eddie refuses and questions Elaine about her marriage, but she is too much in love to hear the warning.

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