Jungle Express

© Louis Felder

(Drama, a one-act play)
On a commuter train, a doctor invites a woman to follow him for volunteer work in a Cambodian clinic.

Two characters, one set, present time

Arnold, a doctor, 30 to 45 years old, good-looking, with the charm of a Cary Grant.
Celia, a paralegal, about three years younger than Arnold.


A drama. On a commuter train, a woman, tired of being hit on by lecherous men, fans off a doctor who brings her tea. She insults him until he reveals that he’s on his way to Cambodia for volunteer work with victims of land mines. She would rather go to Paris and shop. He realizes that she is bored with life and invites her to join him. She hesitates. She might consider following him to a Holiday Inn, but he insists it’s Cambodia or nothing and she must decide right now.

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