Lemonade on the Promenade

© Louis Felder

(Comedy, a one-act play)
On a cruise ship, an older couple has a rough passage.

Two characters, one set, present time

Pauline, an attractive woman of 50 or so who loves her husband and is delighted that he's feeling youthful and passionate but dismayed that his passion is directed at some stupid young woman and not her.
Andrew, about 50 or so, he is normally conservative, but on this cruise ship, he goes overboard for a girl and weathers a rough passage in his life.


A comedy. On a cruise ship, a man announces to his wife that he has fallen in love with a sexy girl and plans to leave the ship with her and live the beach and weave hats. His wife realizes that he’s in trouble and reveals her own indiscretion with a ski instructor years ago. She may be lying but the husband believes her and together they weather a rough passage.

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