Smoke and Mirrors

© Louis Felder

(Drama, a one-act play)
A young “psychic” is consulted by an old man about the hereafter, and her opinion could affect his plan to terminate his own life.

Two characters, one set, present day

Leo, 80s, polite, intelligent, desperate.
Celestia, 20s, breezy, truthful, caring.


A young breezy girl fills in for her mother as a psychic. An old man asks if she’s ever had contact with someone dead because he’s contemplating suicide and wonders if a “hereafter” exists. The “psychic” tells him that a seance is all smoke and mirrors but the old man persists. With theatrical flair the girl peers into a crystal ball (light bulb), and as she goes back in time, the light gets brighter and brighter until it “explodes.” The old man is about to leave. She worries he’d going to commit suicide and begs him to return. He promises to contact her after — if he can.

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