© Louis Felder

(Comedy, a one-act play)
A woman leaves her husband and runs off with the cab driver.

Two characters, one set, present time

Leila, about 35, a poker dealer who is leaving her husband, a surprise.
Darrell, about 23, a cab driver who went bust in Reno, Nevada.


A comedy. In Sparks (East Reno) Leila is packing up to leave her husband before he returns. The cab driver (Darrell) asks where she wants to go but she doesn’t know. When she finds her husband’s cash, Darrell has plans for it, for her, for them, together. She finds him exciting especially when he plans to steal the cab. They choose new names and leave together but it may not be for the best.. They both are searching for new lives, with new identities, romantic and dangerous, lives from lurid fiction and television shows.

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