© Louis Felder

(Drama, a one-act play)
A father proudly reveals his plan to leave his son his estate (paint store) but the son has other ideas.

Two characters, one set, present time

Everett, 67, widowed, owns a paint store, plans to give it to his son, blue collar.
Danny, his son, 32, a techno dot-com nerd, T-shirt and shorts, wealthy.


A drama. Everett announces his retirement plans to his son – to leave him his estate which he proudly reveals is worth over a million bucks counting both his house and his paint store.

But the son has started a solid business providing on-line data for engineering corporations world-wide, and his shares of stock will be worth millions. The son suggests his father spend his money on himself, have some fun, travel. But the father is taken aback, that his life-long accomplishment has been rejected.

The two men prepare to have Thanksgiving dinner at a diner but they first must reconcile their differences through love and respect.

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