The Magic Kingdom

© Louis Felder

(Drama/Romance, a one-act play)
Two rural kids, one white, one black, plan to honeymoon in Disneyland.

Two actors, one set, present time

The Girl, about 18, pretty but not beautiful, white, in high school in the small country town of Elk Valley in central California.
The Young Man, about 19, African-American, with the same country accent and manners as the girl; they both grew up in Elk Valley.


A drama. An African-American man of 19 and a white girl of 18 are waiting for the bus; they’re going to get married and honeymoon in Disneyland. They don’t know much about the world outside of their small town, or the challenges they will face. They have nothing, their dreams are small, but they are in love, they are happy, they are already in the Magic Kingdom.

Script available from the publisher.