The Man in the Red Suit

© Louis Felder

(Comedy, a one-act play)
A mysterious department-store Santa interviews a selfish father and explains what Christmas is all about.

Two characters, one set, present time

Douglas, a conservative business executive, about 40, who is stuffy, self-centered and childish.
Santa Claus, a mysterious man, wearing a moth-eaten red suit and a fake beard and playing Santa in a department store. He can be any age, from 20 to 90.


A comedy. In a department store it’s closing time at 9pm and it’s empty at “Santa’s Workshop.” A man waits for his wife and daughter, annoyed that they’re late. Santa questions the man and seems to know all about him; he knows when he is sleeping, he knows when he’s awake, and he especially knows when he’s been bad or good. Finally Santa convinces the man that yes, he is the real Santa, and reduces the man to childlike petulant behavior. Santa reveals what gift the man should give to his wife and daughter – a trip on Christmas to visit his mother and even to giving — himself.

Clean, seasonal, with family values, perennially performed.

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