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One-Act Plays

Cover Story

A drama of espionage during the cold war.

Senior Class

Two older men meet for lunch to decide their grandson’s college; one opts for Stanford and the other for Santa Clara.


A psychotherapist must contain a student who plans a murderous rampage, but when psychological efforts fail, she is forced to make a bold decision.

Smoke and Mirrors

A young “psychic” is consulted by an old man about the hereafter, and her opinion could affect his plan to terminate his own life.

Flight of Fancy

A young woman in marketing meets an experienced salesman at an airport cocktail lounge.

The Magic Kingdom

Two rural kids, one white, one black, plan to honeymoon in Disneyland.


A woman leaves her husband and runs off with the cab driver.


A wealthy New Yorker has a young wife from Arizona who has theatrical dreams and no talent.


A father proudly reveals his plan to leave his son his estate (paint store) but the son has other ideas.

Lemonade on the Promenade

On a cruise ship, an older couple has a rough passage.